man and woman modeling Ministry of Supply clothing

How Ministry of Supply Grew Their Runway 35% With Ampla

Ministry of Supply is pioneering a new way to dress for the office, whether that be at the desk or on the go. Their goal is simple: to use clothing to bring joy, comfort, and productivity to customers every day.

CEO and cofounder, Aman Advani, has used Ampla as his working capital solution since 2021 to fuel his growth. Unlike a larger institution that may feel faceless, Aman feels confident in getting a quick and sincere response from our team. Recently, Aman had a large inbound payment that could take up to 10 months to arrive, creating cash concerns. After reaching out to his customer success manager, Ampla loaded funds into his portal to use the next day. He continues to leverage our growth line of credit as his working capital solution and hasn’t looked back since.

Run Rate Growth