Sound Brand’s 313% Run Rate Increase Powered by Ampla

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“Because of Ampla, we know that no matter what challenge is thrown at us, we have a family member that we can lean on and depend on” -Salim Najjar, Co-founder

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Sound Brand’s 313% Run Rate Increase Powered by Ampla

Meet Salim Najjar, co-founder of Sound, a line of unsweetened and organic sparkling beverages for all the senses. Sound is on a mission to make sparkling drinks that taste fantastic and give you peace of mind.

Since 2019, Salim has counted on Ampla’s expertise and partnership to support Sound’s growth. When the world suddenly shut down in 2020, it was Ampla that enabled Sound to maintain a strong cash position and come out stronger than before. Salim primarily uses Ampla’s line of credit to fund supply and production runs for Sound. He knows that no matter what challenges are thrown his way, he has Ampla to lean on.


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