Introducing Ampla's Design

Our designer shares about how Ampla's logo and colors came to be including what we aim for Ampla to accomplish moving forward.

Kevin Ebrahimoff

As the financial technology industry grows and evolves, a company’s ethos or values become more important than ever.

Ampla’s design journey represented what we wanted to keep at the core - our customers.

Here at Ampla, we understand the challenge of finding an accessible growth partner. There’s so much potential Ampla can offer emerging brands. So, it was crucial for our team to tell a visual story that comes to life as accurately and passionately as possible.

Ampla places these values at the forefront, be:

  • Transparent
  • Essential
  • Flexible
  • Accessible
  • Dependable

A user-centric approach to our logo and colors was vital to build a brand that consumer brands can trust.


Our purpose is for founders and operators to grow and scale.

Our logo represents Ampla’s DNA and story, focused on providing forward and upward momentum for our brands. The “p” and “l” rise like a sharply ascending line graph, a trend everyone loves to see as they grow their business.

We deliberately made a slight cut-out of the “A,” providing a third dimension to direct the eye towards the future.

Additionally, the repeating triangular geometry echoes the upward theme, providing balance and harmony between each of the characters.


Using yellow is bold for a brand. But that’s something that we wanted to represent and embody.

Our use of a pastel yellow matches the optimistic onward messaging of the logo and symbolizes energy, happiness, enlightenment, and positivity.

The Ampla yellow is used deliberately in our materials to introduce and kickstart the brand.

To counterbalance the boldness of yellow, we wanted our next primary colors to demonstrate Ampla’s trustworthiness and commitment to quality.

Teal symbolizes harmony, trust, and reliability; it relishes individuality and practicality. Teal embodies our values and is the main color used in most of our materials.

Lastly, we have black, which offers sophistication, confidence, and protection. Being in the financial technology industry, we are here to ensure that you’re getting the best.

Growing Forward

As Ampla grows, our design goal will remain the same.

Our goal is to provide a user-centric design that solves problems, shows impactful solutions to optimize growth, and builds high-value features all while presenting an elegant, delightful experience.

Our brand will continue to evolve, and I’m excited to continue to learn about our customers, their goals, and their pain points so that we can all improve onward and upward. I hope you join us.

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