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With so many steps to get from formulation to market-ready, it's important to have a team who can help you not only when you're succeeding, but also when an ingredient is delayed or the scale-up goes poorly. Streamline your commercialization process to attain faster, more cost-efficient go-to-market launches with CalNutri's expertise.

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What it takes to build a product and scale

In all our collective years in the industry, what we at CalNutri have learned is that it is important to build a team that you can trust and who can provide you with the best tools to succeed not only when things look promising, but also when the scale-up goes poorly, or an ingredient is delayed. CPG brands can spend several months vetting raw material suppliers, contract manufacturers and supply chain partners, oftentimes realizing one or more directional changes along the way. 

There are so many steps that need to be taken in order to scale, beginning with the formulation construction and validation process. It is important to not only have a formula with the intended functionality or optimal sensory experience, but also one that can be produced commercially time and time again. 

While you can pinpoint a product that can be proven when produced in a home kitchen or on a benchtop, it takes a plant trial or scale-up run to ensure things progress seamlessly once your product is manufactured in a commercial setting. 

To accomplish this, your entire supply chain needs to be established, from ingredients to primary packaging, secondary packaging and, of course, a manufacturing partner. Lead times, quality documentation, costs, minimum order quantities, and general availability and capacity all need to be considered and vetted during this process. 

Preparing your first commercial run

Once your formula and supply chain are finalized, the path to your first commercial run becomes visible on the horizon. Orders for all materials need to be placed, artwork to be designed, proofed and approved, and everything needs to be tracked diligently to ensure it is received on time to meet your launch date. It is then a matter of securing line time for this most important production run and troubleshooting any issues that arise along the way. 

With a final quality check of your finished goods, they are ready to be shipped to your fulfillment center, received in, and soon your branded product will be in the hands of consumers, whether your business model is direct to consumer or to business. 

How to speed this process up

With CalNutri’s vast network of resources and expertise, our brand partners continuously attain faster and more cost-efficient go-to-market launches. CalNutri’s purpose is to build trusting and reliable partnerships by supporting a uniquely streamlined commercialization process, allowing your team to shift focus solely on bringing your brand to life. 

CalNutri is able to think outside of the box and find a way to bring your product to launch despite the challenges that might be ahead. 

From Ideation to Commercialization, the team at CalNutri empowers CPG Brands to focus on sales, marketing & customer success while we focus on your product development, manufacturing & supply chain operations. Since 2012, CalNutri has operated a fully integrated & vetted network of trusted partners offering a vast array of services ranging from product development to retail-ready finished goods ready for commercialization. After meeting with your team to understand your vision, mission, and objectives, our team develops an efficient scope of work on which to execute. 

Now, with a new partnership with Ampla, we can unlock even more potential for our clients to acquire additional market share and thrive in their respective product categories.  When the CalNutri team handles all things supply chain/operations and Ampla’s team manages your financing, it awards our brand partners the ability to focus on their sales & marketing strategies and initiatives. Together, we can make your brand a reality in the marketplace. 

You can learn more about this partnership, contact CalNutri here.

Brandon Martin
Chief Commercial Officer, CalNutri

CalNutri's Chief Commercial Officer, Brandon Martin, is an entrepreneur, tenured executive leader and practitioner of first principles with over 20 years of experience building teams, developing strategic partnerships and driving value growth. Brandon has co-founded four companies in the CPG space since 2005 having successfully developed & launched several CPG products to the global consumer markets in the food, grocery, mass, club & D2C e-comm channels. Brandon was a Co-Founder of LifeTree Manufacturing (LTM), recognized as the #148th fastest growing private company in America in 2015 & #149 in 2016 (#3 in Arizona) by the Inc.500. During his leadership tenure LTM was awarded 'Best Places to Work' in 2012, 2014 & 2015 by the Phoenix Business Journal. Prior to Co-Founding LTM, he was a Co-Founder of Novus Life Solutions (NLS), along with Dr. Robert Foster, Dr. William Tiller and the Tiller Institute. NLS, created in 2009, a key player in the commercialization of the Tiller Technology for material and product enhancement by utilizing macroscopic entanglement of human biofields, silicon oscillators and food materials. Brandon also served on the Board of Trustees for The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM).

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