Fundraising Guide P.1 | The Complete Guide to 2023 Fundraising

Don't let a lack of capital hold you back. Get the tips & tricks you need to successfully pitch investors and secure funding to scale and succeed in this guide series.

image depicting a venture capital funding for brands.

When should you raise?

The ideal time to start raising is 5-6 months *before* your brand needs new working capital to meet proven demand from DTC customers and/or retailers. In this environment, VCs are more likely to align with brands aiming to scale or sell, versus to start or save their businesses. Consider a credit line from Ampla alongside, and in between, raising to continue growing in your existing retailers.

What you'll need to pitch

Target List

What kind of investors do you want and why? Angels, VC Funds, Family Offices or Private Equity? Look for investors who have expertise in your stage and sector (and ideally your grocery aisle), check for portfolio alignment, and note who on their team is best to pitch.

Pitch Deck

In 10-15 slides, communicate your story, products, R&D, momentum, differentiation, competitors, retailers, financials, use of funds, and your exit strategy plan.

Game Plan

Beyond your deck, cleverly show off how resourceful, resilient, and responsible you are to potential investors with a clear plan for increasing revenue, reducing COGs, and opening new doors in 2023 and beyond.


Fundraising will continue to be challenging amidst industry wide supply chain and inflation hiccups. Balancing patience and persistence will set you apart.

Amrit Richmond

Amrit Richmond co-organizes the Indie CPG community and helps clients understand the future of consumer goods via Supermercato Insights. Previously, Amrit worked in advertising, media, technology, and with multiple VC funds on the post-investment side of the table supporting founders with marketing, partnerships, growth, and fundraising.

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