Charge Card

Grow your business with high limits and up to 60-days of float.

Turbocharge your cash flow management with the card built for CPG and help your brand grow.

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Manage Your Cash Flow

How it works:

Ampla Charge Card offers a 30-day statement balance with payment terms up to 60 days for qualifying customers.

Icon representing the ease of issuing credit cards for employees within 5 business days.

Higher, Stable Credit Limits

With insight into your whole business, we can offer higher credit limits that you scale ad campaigns and grow faster.

Icon representing the ability to control spend and setting spend thresholds for employees.

No Personal Guarantee

We underwrite your business — no personal guarantee and no credit check.

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Card Controls

Manage company spend with flexible card controls

Icon representing the ability to generate virtual cards on your phone.


Easily monitor and manage team spend in our easy-to-use card dashboards.

Cellphone showing the Ampla business debit card on Apple Wallet and the physical card to the left of it.
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