Our Story

Since Ampla’s founding, our purpose focuses on empowering founders and operators to grow their business. After seeing a disjointed financial sector for emerging small businesses, Ampla was founded to ensure that operators have a tech-enabled financial platform that helps them grow and thrive in both the physical and digital marketplace.
The Ampla team

About us

Ampla builds modern financial tools to fuel growth for companies of the future.

With the acceleration of commerce enablement, the eCommerce industry has become essential to everyday life. This has never been more apparent than watching consumers shift to online grocery shopping, furniture retailers thriving on digital marketplaces, beauty products relying on D2C, and apparel experiencing a full omnichannel transformation.

The number of brands launching each year is growing rapidly despite a lack of institutional financial support. Access to capital continues to be the largest barrier to growth for emerging brands. For emerging companies to reach their maximum potential, they need best-in-class partners supporting all areas of their business including the financial suite.

Ampla was built to consolidate the financial suite for our customers. We provide an all-in-one platform to streamline access to capital and offer financial tools to help emerging companies grow more efficiently.

We are dedicated to building adjacent financial products because we believe technology works best when managed together in one simple platform. While our customers focus on building better-for-you products, Ampla will tirelessly focus on building better financial technology to serve emerging brands across eCommerce, retail, and omnichannel, increasing their likelihood of success.



We are candid and honest on what to expect with us. We don’t believe in bs.


We solve the most pressing financial challenges of our customer’s business, and build our product around that.


Life doesn’t follow a straight line. Things happen. And we want to work with you to help.


All types of founders and operators should have a tech-enabled financial solution that actually helps them grow.


With our expansive knowledge of the financial, retail, and digital space, we’re a team that you can trust.

Founded in

New York City

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