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Earn 4.54% APY* on Deposits

Zero-fee banking designed specifically for consumer brands**

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Image of Ampla portal on a laptop showing banking features like current collection percentage, maximum credit limit, principle outstanding amount, account balance, and money in & out in the last 30 days.
commercial checking

No Hassle Business Banking

Icon with up facing arrow representing free incoming & outgoing ACH.
Free ACH, reserve accounts, and wire transfers
Icon with down facing arrow representing free incoming & outgoing domestic wires
FDIC Insured
Icon representing no minimum balance or maintenance fees
No minimum balance or maintenance fees
Icon of a bar graph representing live bank feed with QBO + A/S
Live bank feed with QBO + accounting software
Business debit

Deploy Your Funds Anywhere With No Fees**

Icon representing the ease of issuing credit cards for employees within 5 business days.

Quick and Easy

Generate and issue cards for your employees and receive them within five business days.

Icon representing the ability to control spend and setting spend thresholds for employees.

Spend Controls

Remain in control of your company’s finances by setting spend thresholds for employees.

Icon representing the ability to generate virtual cards on your phone.

Go Virtual

Generate a virtual card and upload to your phone’s digital wallet to spend easily on the go.

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Cellphone showing the Ampla business debit card on Apple Wallet and the physical card to the left of it.
Image showing our integrated accounts payable sollution’s easy integration with quickbooks, the ease to pay vendors through line of credit, and ease of scheduled payments.
Integrated Accounts Payable solution
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Bill Pay

Two-way NetSuite and QuickBooks Online sync. Enable two-way sync to maintain continuity across your financial reporting software.

Pay directly from your Growth Line of Credit or checking. The only bill pay solution that lets you leverage both your checking account balance and your Growth Line of Credit to pay vendors.

Upload bills via PDF, JPEG or PNG. Drag and drop your invoices into our platform and we’ll prepare payment confirmation details for your approval.

Schedule bills and batch by the vendor. Schedule and batch your payments based on their due dates and your working capital needs.

Partial payments. Schedule specific portions of your invoices for payment based on agreed upon terms with your vendors.

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