Corporate Card

Grow your business with high limits.

Turbocharge your cash flow management with the card built for CPG and help your brand grow.

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Manage Your Cash Flow

How it works:

Flexibility and control for any business expense.

Higher credit limits

Insight into the entire business helps enable cards with higher limits. So you can spend and grow where you need.

No personal guarantee

We underwrite your business — no personal guarantee and no credit check.

Accepted anywhere Visa is

Use your card easily online or on-the-go anywhere Visa is accepted around the world.

Manage spend and expenses

Manage expenses, issue cards, set spent limits, and more — all within your Ampla account.

Cellphone showing the Ampla business debit card on Apple Wallet and the physical card to the left of it.
How to apply

Start your five-minute application:

For existing customers, login to your account and navigate to the "Corporate Card" tab, where you'll be prompted to apply.


For new customers, you can complete your five-minute application below.

When would you like to pay back Ampla? Choose your payback structure within 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.
Let's Grow Together

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Image showing Ampla’s integrations with Quickbooks, pinterest, shopify, tiktok, and facebook to name a few. As well as conversion rates and funded status
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