Introducing Ampla's Product

Our product lead explains Ampla's product philosophy and who Ampla is built for.

John Van Antwerp

Who is Ampla built for

Ampla’s customers are some of the hardest working innovators and disruptors in the consumer brands space, often sharing their passions with the world by spending time to bring new, exciting products to market.

They spend their days managing every aspect of their business from product development to people management or from finance and marketing to securing capital.

They’re busy and they’re stretched thin with making sure they have the right solution, distributor, and people in their corner.

This is why we built Ampla.

Ampla is the most accessible working capital solution and financial tool. It’s aimed to reduce the time our customers spend running the financial side of their business.

Working with Ampla eliminates overhead while providing the most competitive cost of capital.

Ampla’s product philosophy

Every product should be built with the customer at the center of the process. At Ampla, our product teams work in a multidisciplinary squad - engineering, design, data, and product management.

This allows us to understand the business and customer context, bringing different perspectives to the table. It also allows us to deliver solutions that make a difference to our customer’s day-to-day operations.

Ampla builds products that are:

  • Essential - They solve the most pressing financial and operational challenges of our customer’s business and are critical to day-to-day growth.
  • Uncomplicated - They are easy to understand, learn, and use by anyone.
  • Effective - They solve problems efficiently and transparently, without extra features getting in the way.
  • Personal - They evoke trust and are personable, and are what our customers expect by working with Ampla.
Ampla aims to build the future of finance for brands

Through our tech-enabled financial platform that puts operators in full control, we want to make it as easy as possible to manage day-to-day finances.

Our customers no longer have to worry about finance or raising capital as another item they have to focus on. We want to take that on for them so they can focus on what matters most to them.

As we grow, we are building toward scalable, automated, machine learning underwriting and portfolio management. As well as robust analytics and actionable insights to give customers a glimpse into the health of their business.

What Ampla delivers

Ampla provides a real, tangible impact on our customer’s growth.

We’ve provided growth strategies for customers in retail, eCommerce, and omnichannel, which grew and scaled their business substantially in only a couple of months.

Our customers have used Ampla to produce inventory, increase marketing efforts, fulfill purchase orders, invest in go-to-market expansion, and more.

Ampla is built with you in mind.

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